A Guide To Choosing The Princess-Like Pre-Bridal Treatment You Deserve
June 28, 2017

If you are a bride-to-be, it goes without saying that your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life. You will be treated like a princess, and you will get to dress up like one too. It is one day you will fondly look back at, several years from now, through photos, videos, and memories. On the day of your wedding, you will definitely want to look your best. 

And that is what pre-bridal treatments are for. Click here to know exactly why every bride really needs a pre-bridal treatment. These treatments don’t happen an hour before your wedding. You need to prepare yourself in advance for your big day. This includes clean-ups, waxing, haircuts, and so much more.


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Lucky for all the brides out there, salons offer pre-bridal treatments that include many different services focussed on different parts of your body from your fingers to your toes. You can opt out of some of the components of the pre-bridal package and you can even choose to add a service- it’s flexible! It is always better to know and understand what each service is before you decide whether you need it or not. Thus, we bring to you a guide to all the services regularly undertaken by soon-to-be brides so that you can choose the perfect pre-bridal treatment for you.

1. Eyebrow Threading

Your wedding photographer will take several close-up shots of you in which your eyebrows, if perfectly shaped, have the potential to steal the show. But if your eyebrows are not ‘on fleek’, the photos will never let you forget that you did not get your brows done for your wedding. So, make sure your treatment includes a good threading session a day or two before your big day!


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2. Waxing

Of course, most of your body will be covered in a lehenga and lots of jewellery, but the rest will remain visible to the world. This includes your arms, your stomach, and even your face. Won’t it be great if your arms feel as smooth as silk on your special day? In addition, waxing cleans and de-tans your skin too. This is quite a useful benefit for someone who will be running around and stressing about the wedding for weeks before the big day. (Yes, we mean you!)


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3. Facial

If you don’t want your arms and stomach to look hairy or grimy on your big day, you definitely do not want your face to look that way. 


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4. Pedicure and Manicure

You may think no one will pay attention to your toenails on your wedding day; for Indian brides, that is definitely not true. There are several rasams such as the griha pravesh that require you to show your feet. You do not want your toenails to look chipped, do you? Additionally, your fingernails should be able to accent your mehendi appropriately, rather than ruining the whole effect.


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5. Hair Spa

We cannot stress the importance of a good hair spa session in your pre-bridal treatment enough. Your head needs the relaxation, and your hair needs the deep conditioning. Hair spa sessions make your hair healthier and silkier.

Hair Spa

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6. Body Polishing

Body polishing involves exfoliation, and this will make your skin look silky smooth on your wedding day. This is a one-step solution to get rid of your acne instantly.

Body Polishing

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7. Hair Colouring

You should get your hair coloured not only to give your hair new accents but also to make all the greys disappear. This will ensure that you look young and fresh.

Hair Colouring

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These are the seven most important components of a proper pre-bridal treatment package. When choosing yours, make sure these basics are covered. We just know you’re going to look gorgeous!

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