7 Beauty Products You Can Share With Your Partner
December 09, 2016

While there have always been fights over space in the house, the ladies dominate the area where beauty products are stocked. Another thing ladies love, besides their set of toiletries? A well-groomed man. We present here the definitive list of must-buys that would be useful to both you and your boyfriend.

Beauty Products

  1. A smooth and thick shaving cream: A shaving cream that tackles both, unruly beard and stubborn body hair, is a must-have in the house.
  1. An unscented, matte lip balm: Gone are the days when lip balms were only female territory. Matte lip balms are all the rage when it comes to those chapped male lips.
  1. A facial cleansing bar: Neutral-scented, clear soaps are the answer to those long days when you come back home with your face run-down with dirt and pollution.
  1. A unisex scent: Not all fragrances are ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’, there are several which can suit both.
  1. A moisturizing body lotion: Everyone needs a basic body cream to soothe the skin during those dry winter months. Just make sure that it does not have a fruity smell and it’ll be good for use by the guy as well.
  1. A pack of face wipes: These are particularly useful when you are travelling during hot summer months. Keeps the sweat beads at bay!
  1. An anti-dandruff shampoo: Dandruff doesn’t differentiate on the basis of gender and so does its repellant. This will help keep both your tresses clean.

Besides saving money, these unisex products will also be more convenient to carry when you’re travelling.

So which one are you buying, first?