Why You Should Go For Airbrushed Makeup On Your Wedding
January 12, 2017

Airbrush Makeup is one of the new fads in the beauty industry. It involves makeup being sprayed onto the skin of the person using an airbrush, which is different from the usual direct application technique most makeup artists employ using sponges, brushes or fingers.

Airbrush Makeup is becoming more and more popular in various areas where the us elf makeup is imperative, such as film, tv, theatre, and most recently, Bridal Makeup. Due to its popularity, airbrush makeup systems are available in most Salons today, apart from being available to makeup artists and companies. These systems can be altered to suit any kind of makeup application by changing the levels for lighter, darker, heavier or more detailed makeup.

Bridal Makeup

Needless to say, we absolutely recommend airbrush makeup for pre-bridal treatments. There are not enough reasons to define how much better airbrushed makeup is than regular directly applied makeup.

To start with, the application is much, much easier, and gives you an evenly toned skin. This is because the airbrush sprays a fine mist of makeup on your skin, such that when these tiny droplets coalesce on your skin they form an extremely thin mask over it. Normal makeup, on the other hand, is liquid and tends to show creases and craters very easily. This creates a world of difference on screen, especially in high-definition videos and photos, both of which will probably be used in documenting your wedding.

Airbrush Makeup

Moreover, your wedding day is a day of stress and tears, apart from being a day of joy and love. You will be sweating as you take your phrase by the fire, you will be crying as you bid your mother and father goodbye in your bidaai, and you will be wiping tears all the way to your new house. No matter how waterproof your regular makeup is, it does not have the capacity to take that amount of water and tears and still stand unscathed. Airbrush makeup, on the other hand, is silicone-based and largely waterproof. No matter how much you sweat or cry, the makeup won’t be removed until you dislodge the airbrush base. This means that even the shots of you crying will have you looking as beautiful as you did when you first applied the makeup before your wedding.

 Airbrush makeup is, in fact, so effective that it can even be used to cover five-o-clock shadows in men. Even the application technique is easier and more sanitary than regular makeup, which requires a lot of rubbing and redoing.

Therefore, we wholeheartedly recommend choosing airbrush makeup over regular makeup techniques for your Bridal Makeup. It will not only last longer and stronger, it will make you look more beautiful in photos and videos than any liquid makeup could!