Awesome Beauty Hacks You Need While You Are Travelling
January 23, 2017

2017 is the year of long weekends. One, the Republic Day one, is just around the corner.

Now, who doesn’t love vacations?

Everyone I know off, dreams of going to Goa or Shimla with their friends or family. Everyone harbours some amount of wanderlust in them, wishing to go to places they have never been and seeing things they have never seen. The idea of meeting people, of seeing more cultures, of knowing the history of people who lived far before our times and seeing how those stories unfold through tiny memorabilia scattered across the world today, is more than enticing. It creates a sense of adventure in all of us and makes us want to abandon our day jobs or our classes, just so we can see the world and experience all these things.

The idea is extremely appealing in its own respect, but it is important to remember travelling is not an easy task. It is an adventure in every sense, and when you undertake this adventure, you will of course want to relive it once it’s done. This can be through photos or videos of you at the places you visited, or through postcards to the friends you made. Regardless, you shall be remembering these times throughout your life.

It is, therefore, imperative that you have good memories of these times, and one of the key aspects of a good memory is that you look good in it. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful in a photo when they are standing at a beach in Hawaii, or at the mountaintops in Mussoorie? We know we do.

However, Beauty is not easy to manage. You cannot be carrying your arsenal of Makeup products everywhere, as they make for a heavy backpack, and we’d rather you enjoyed your time outside meeting people and making new friends, instead of spending it inside perfecting your eyeliner. Therefore, we have a few travel hacks for you to have you packing light and getting you ready in minutes, such that you can spend more of your time enjoying the places you visit with a lighter backpack!

Skip your straighteners

They’re heavy, and the electrical circuits differ country by country. Most hotels already have hair dryers in place!

Double your lipstick as blush

It will save you the hassle of carrying more blushes.

Utilise coconut oil

A jar of coconut oil can function as your cleanser, moisturiser, serum and even cuticle oil! That’s three less products than what you would be carrying, and it’s all organic!

Your compacts can house cotton pads

We know you can’t give up on your cotton pads, so place them in your compacts to save space and organise them.

Leave your makeup brushes at home

Makeup brushes are hard to carry, and will only accumulate more dirt as you travel. You can use your hands for applying makeup for a few days!

Get eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are low-maintenance, last for 4-6 weeks, and save you the hassle of carrying mascaras and liners.

Get store samples

Store samples are smaller and lighter, thus easier to carry. Moreover, they last just the right amount go time for short trips.

Tweeze and wax before you go

Waxing lasts longer, and you won’t require shaving on your trip!

There are plenty other things you can do to make your trip easier without compromising on your looks, so just look up replacements, and don’t worry if you mess up. At the end of the day, vacations are all about enjoying yourself!