Different Types Of Manicures
July 17, 2017

Do you remember the number of times you must use your hands to do some work in the entire day? Well, almost every time.

Now, do you remember the last time you pampered your hands and gave them some relaxation time? Given the fact what a busy bee you are, I guess not!

It’s a myth that manicure is just done to make the nails look pretty when the actual way of doing manicure is done my massaging the palms, fingers and cleaning the nails leaving the hands rejuvenated.

Here are a few manicures you can go for.

  • Basic Manicure


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It is a technique of doing the manicure by soaking the hands in warm water and doing a hot oil massage afterward. Application of a base coat takes place on the nails leaving your hands revitalized and pretty.

There is more to basic manicure than a just base coat. Nail Arts look super awesome after the basic manicure. 

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  • French manicure

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If you’re a working woman and want elegant nails without any vibrant hues, the French manicure is your go to manicure type! The French manicure with a neutral base coat and white tips. Welcome to the world of perfect lady like nails!

  • American manicure

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It is like a French manicure only, but with a more natural look. The base tips are done with an off-white shade and are shaped round so that it doesn’t look all faux!

  • Gel manicure

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If you’re a socialite then this is just the type for you. Gel based nail paints have a better coat structure than the regular ones and don’t get chipped off. After every coat, the nails are exposed to UV lights which make the nails stronger and the gel base leaves an amazing glossy look.

  • Paraffin wax

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This type is perfect for people having rough and dry hands. The hands get soaked in paraffin wax and massaged which reawakens the soft skin and then you wouldn’t stop loving your baby skin.

These are the basic types of manicures you can try. The salons will offer you numerous others but those would just be the variations of these with different designs of nail art so step into the world of pretty nails and flaunt them everywhere you go!

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