How To Choose Your Hair Colour According To Your Skin Tone.
September 02, 2017

Brunette or blonde, red or ombre,  hair colour is one of those trends which are in full swing. The colouring of hair is an ancient art that involves treatment of the hair with various chemical compounds. In olden times, the dyes were obtained from plants. Back then it was done for the very basic reason of covering grey or white hair. But today, dyeing your hair is no more just a trend in the fashion world rather it has become a major form of self-expression. Hair colouring is quite popularized in today’s time and age. Both men and women are getting their hair coloured.

Hair Colour

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A major reason for this trend gaining popularity is the Film industry. Our youth gets highly influenced by the all these actors who basically are the trend setters amongst the youth. And in the desperation to achieve a similar look, they end up making some terrible mistakes by blindly following whatever their favourite celebrity is doing. What works for them may or may not work for you. Hair colouring is no easy task that can be done by anyone or everyone. A Certain amount of knowledge, experience and expertise is needed to get desired results.

Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Katira Kaif are highly idolized for their hair trends. It’s time we decode those trends to our benefit!

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The biggest issue that is faced when one thinks of colouring their hair is to decide the shade which would suit them best. Here are a few steps for choosing the right hair colour and getting it rightly done:

(1) Understand your skin tone and under tone

Your skin tone is pretty obvious as you can clearly see how dark or light you are. Be honest about your complexion and moreover be proud about it. Checking your undertone is equally important. Undertone is the colour underneath the surface of your skin. To know your type, take a close look at the veins in your hand. If your veins are blue in colour, then your undertone is cool and if your veins are green then your undertone is warm.

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(2) Choose your hair colour according to your skin tone and undertone

Most Indian women have a warm undertone and the best-suited hair colour for them is brown and shades of brown. There is very little that can go wrong with browns. You can get creative and choose whether you want to get dip dye, highlights, streaks, balayage or ombre. If you have lighter skin tone then you can go for bright and vivid colours like burgundy or red. The deeper the contrast between your skin tone and hair colour the more dramatic the overall look will be.  Make sure you don’t go beyond two shades lighter than your natural hair colour.

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(3) Your hair colour reflects your personality

If you are an introvert then you shouldn’t go for very vivid colours like electric blue or turquoise rather you should choose more soothing colours that match your personality. On the other hand, if you are a very outgoing and extrovert you should choose bright colours that enhance your personality and add to it.

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(4) Seek professional help

Since hair dyeing is no child’s play it is highly recommended to seek professional help at a salon. The colouring is a rigorous procedure which requires a lot of patience and care to be taken at every step, for without knowing enough about the art of hair colouring, you may end up ruining your hair. Moreover, when you visit a good salon they give you proper suggestions and advice as to how to maintain your hair after the hair colour is done. It is quite essential to maintain the quality of your hair once you have coloured them as it involves a lot of chemicals which might damage your hair if proper care is not taken.

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